We are fascinated by interspecies relationships and have a deep desire for humanity to experience joyous, respectful and harmonious partnerships with animals. 

We, Freya Schafer and Petra Webstein, offer to be a voice for the animals and connect you and your animal more deeply through Interspecies Coaching. We combine our animal communication and coaching skills to help you and your animal partner to understand each other better, find compassion and inspiration through shared moments, look at each other through shared eyes, and create a joyous partnership. 

Interspecies Coaching is a meeting of equal partners. In this nurturing environment, we listen deeply to each other, sense with wide open hearts, hold all participants whole, creative and resourceful, share our insights and ideas and create unique solutions that are aligned with all involved.

Petra’s horse George and other animals often join us to lend their support and wisdom to the group. 

Please contact us if you want to create a joyous, respectful and harmonious relationship with your animal.