petra webstein

Since childhood I felt a familiarity with animals, I was comfortable around them and the animals accepted me almost as one of them.

My first close relationship with an animal as a child was with my cat called Mietze. I talked to Mietze about everything, my joy, my sorrows and worries, like most of us do with their animals.  Being a very introverted child the company of my cat became very important to me and it showed me how I could exchange with an animal on a feeling level without any words. It taught me how to connect to the animal kingdom in a different way.

Since then animals always have accompanied me in my life. I learned from cats that animals have their own lives and views, for example: some of my cats knew that would I move, before I knew it and insisted not to move with me. Instead, they themselves left and found a new place near the old home.

happyhealthyanimalsEven though I mostly worked with people rather than animals, the animals came increasingly back into my life in 2005. propagated in my life. I started to learn how to use a pendulum to detect the physical and emotional energy of animals and send out healing energies. For three years I used the pendulum to heal animals and work at the same time with their people. I have discovered that animals often energetically, and as a service to their human carry part of their emotions and illnesses.

By working with the pendulum I deepened the connection with animals and became more aware how the healing process works. This awareness and the different experiences with animals showed me that I can help them at a deep energetic level.

dancingwithmyhorsesI live since 2008 with my horses and other animals on a Farm in Western Australia. The animals, especially the horses ask me daily to stay present in the Now so that I can hold a deep connection with them. In this way, animals help me in my personal development in a wonderful way.

Working together with Freya gives me the opportunity to connect deeply with the animal and do my work more effectively than if I would work by myself. Freya not only has a gift to identify with clarity and precision the problems people or animals have, she also creates and maintains the space that allows all participants to open themselves fully and experience themselves. She gracefully "holds the hand" of the humans and their animals and leads them safely through emotional or mental blocks while I dissolve these blocks on an energetic level.

I am looking forward to come together with you and your animal partner and to open another dimension for the both of you. I look forward to meet you.